Boston: Bean Town

Just got back from a lovely weekend in Boston, and have to say that it was much better the second time around than the first time I visited.

Needless to say, Boston is s major Sports town. They live, eat and breathe sports. And why shouldn’t they? They are home to Super Bowl champions New England Patriots; NBA champs the Boston Celtics; Major League champs Boston Red Sox; and most recently the Stanley Cup champions, Boston Bruins.  So first thing I would recommend for your agenda if you plan on travelling to Boston is take in a game or two.

Last time I was here, I did a tour of Fenway and took in a football game. This time, I did a hockey game and football game. Whether you’re into sports or not, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an experience like this. There is a great energy in these sporting events – especially if you’re in a city that’s used to seeing their team win!

There is so much more to do in Boston, although sporting events would and should be a highlight. Some other things to do include:

· Newbury Street – ok, so if you don’t like sporting events, why not shop? This street has everything from H&M to Gucci.

·  Summer Shack – like seafood? This sports bar style restaurant located in the Back Bay area has unbelievable food! Order the lobster bisque, fra Diablo mussels and the pan-seared lobster…I’m sure everything else on the menu is just as great!

·  Hotel Marlowe – a pet-friendly hotel connected to the Cambridge Galleria Shopping Mall, in walking distance of PF Changs and the Cheesecake Factory, and serves free wine in the lobby? Do I really need to convince you to stay here?

Feeding the squirrels·   Boston Common – The “Central Park” of Boston. A lot smaller, but also a lot more quaint.  It’s right off of Newbury and close to Copley Square.  So peaceful in the heart of the city.

· Quincy Market – A small cobblestone area that has a balance of shopping, restaurants and markets. Definitely worth a visit.

·   Back Bay – If you like old antique shops and brownstones, walk on St. James and through the Back Bay area. It really does capture some of the city’s most beautiful residential areas.

Boston is small city, but a lot to do.  It’s filled with some great restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Everything is within reasonable walking distances. Go any time of year and enjoy yourself!

Until next time….

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