Hong Kong = Best Foot Massage

The Far East had always felt so distant to me, until I began my career in the fashion industry.  Working in fashion has enabled me to connect with many Chinese vendors and business people, so it was only a matter of time before I would be embarking on my first trip to Hong Kong.  In 2008 my boss informed me that I would be joining the design team on their semi-annual development trip to Hong Kong.  The purpose of the trip was to begin development for the 2009 Spring/Summer collection by visiting our agents and new prospects in Tsim Sha Tsui, at the heart of the city’s busiest commercial, shopping and business hub.

Big cities require a lot of walking, and a lot of walking means sore feet!  What better way to experience Hong Kong and nurture my aching soles than to have a traditional Chinese foot massage! I was touring the Central area on the island with my colleague Clare when we decided to indulge in some reflexology.  Clare is a London native, who lived in Hong Kong for two years, and is now working in Toronto.  She knows the city very well and so she recommended we stop into the Lan Kwai Fong location of Happy Foot reflexology spa.

This little gem is located on the 19th floor of what looked to be a very busy office building.  Off the elevator we entered a foyer facing the spa entrance and to the left of the doors a group of Cantonese women were engaged in a friendly game of mahjong tiles.  Once inside the spa a feeling of calm immediately wrapped my body.  The music was soft; the lights were dim, the people -very kind and gentle.  We entered a room and sat in oversized, comfy leather chairs, removed our shoes and prepared to be pampered.  My feet were soaked and washed before 75 minutes of the most amazing leg and foot rub I’ve ever had.  Once complete, my feet felt rejuvenated and equipped to walk across the rest of the city.  The cost of this worthwhile experience was a mere $300 Hong Kong dollars, which translates to approximately $35 to $40 Canadian dollars.    

Traveling often requires a lot of walking, and when you’re in the fashion industry, beautiful shoes aren’t always the most comfortable.  Exploring big cities in the summer months can leave your feet achy and dusty; a foot massage can provide relief and longevity to your tender soles.  Since having this wonderful experience I now make it a point to take a reflexology break when in New York or any big city’s Chinatown.

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3 thoughts on “Hong Kong = Best Foot Massage

  1. Love Hong Kong!
    Always get the reflexology done when there.
    In between all the shopping and mmore shopping!

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