About Slavi….

I hold my next guest blogger in the highest regard. She is personally responsible for kickstarting my passion for travel and thanks to her, she opened my eyes to the world in front of me.  She extended an invite years ago to travel to Europe with her, and because of that unbelievable experience, I haven’t looked back since. It is with great honor that this blogger has agreed to share her travel experiences on my blog and I know that she will inspire you, as she has inspired me…


The thrill of knowing you are leaving on that plane sitting on the tarmac, holding your ticket in one hand, your passport in the other and feeling the heavy weight of the carry-on mould into your shoulder is the first thrill of many as nothing but adventure stands in front of you. As they call your seat number, you realize it is all worth it, and all of the hours of packing, folding and refolding were worth every agonizing second.

And, this is why I love travelling! I love travelling because of my need to experience, feel and see a different perspective, a different point of view and most importantly to figure out that I am stronger and more adaptable than I ever thought I was. It is challenging oneself to problem solve, to figure out how to navigate a foreign ticket machine that seems to be in every language except English, to figure out an extensive subway, to order exactly what you want without pointing and to accept other cultures and people for exactly how different and how alike we really are.

I probably should have started with a subtle introduction, but who said travelling and adventure are for the subtle at heart. I grew up as the middle child of working class parents and made my way through University working endless hours in a cubicle. With a student loan under my belt, I used the little extra money that was left after paying the minimum payment on my student loan to travel. And travel I did – and still do. Travel has never been so exciting!

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