San Francisco and the Wine Valleys

Union Square, San FranciscoOk, so I’ve decided that San Francisco is one of the few places that I could realistically pick up and move to. It’s not a fantasy that could never become a reality. I think I could actually do it and be really happy with that decision. Aside from the beauty of San Francisco, it’s the lifestyle that I fell in love with. I love that the locals are active, and have a laid back enough attitude where they can still be successful in life but can step away and see that there is more to life than work. I love the balance between a large city and the waterfront. I love that in the middle of the afternoon, people are hiking, biking or running. I love that just outside of San Fran, there are vineyards that provide a break from life. Have I sold you on San Francisco yet? Well then, let me keep building my case.

Union Square: Simply awesome.  Large department stores border around this massive city square that hosts a number of local events. When I was there, a number of localsYountville gathered to dance and listen to live music.  Can you believe that? I couldn’t!

Cable Car Ride:It’s a must if you’re in San Fran! Jump on the trolley and let it take you to your destination.  Unless it’s during peak hours, it’s pretty easy to find yourself a seat and enjoy the ride. And on a side note, no you can not hang off the side of the trolley like you see in the movies!

China Town:Just cool. It’s like a mini city within the city. Full of culture, good food, and great souvenirs. If you’re going to eat there, try Capitol Restaurant. It’s kind of pricey compared to other restaurants in China town. But delicious.

AlcatrazAlcatraz: I think this is pretty obvious and really don’t need to list the reasons for seeing this. What I can suggest is buying your tickets online beforehand. Depending on the time of year you visit, it could be sold out.

Napa & Sonoma Valley:You have to do a wine tour. It’s kind of waste if you don’t. Usually hotels can help you out and recommend wineries to visit. At the very least, they can get you in touch with several of the tour companies. Make sure that you stop off in Yountville. Crazy expensive if you eat lunch here, but so worth the visit!  Need suggestions on which wineries to visit? I preferred the smaller wineries like Sutter Home, Madonna Estates and Cline Cellars. The experience is just as important as the wine!

Golden Gate Bridge:Another obvious choice, but it’s actually really easy to forget since there is so much to do in San Fran!

Fisherman’s Wharf:  If I were a local, I would come here daily for inspiration.  You can buy blown glass bottles from street vendors, enjoy a meal along the water, walk to Pier 39, or just take in the view. You really aren’t short of options.

Appreciate:I don’t say this very often, especially about cities in North America. But there is something to be said about the architecture, color pallets and roadways of San Fran. Just walk, get lost, explore. The streets will just take your breath away.

There is much more to do in San Francisco, and I suggest staying here for at least three or four days to really get a feel for this beautiful city.Streets of San Francisco

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