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Aruba: Bon Bini

“Bon Bini” really sums up the island of Aruba. From the moment you step foot onto this wonderful little island, you feel the warm spirit of the island.

Finishing my Yard!I have visited this island twice, and I’m sure I will return at some point again…in fact it would be a shame if I didn’t. My first experience in Aruba, was a short one. It was part of a cruise stop, and I was really forced to explore this island in fast forward. The second time, I stayed for a week, and I really took the time to explore this beautiful island.

For anyone who is used to the typical all-inclusive holiday, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aruba.  The pro’s are there is so much to do in comparison to other Caribbean islands.  There is a variety of restaurants, casinos, night life, beautiful white sandy beach, and plenty of activities.  The con’s, there are limited amounts of “all-inclusive” hotels, so if you’re looking for a cheap vacation, then I would warn you to stay away from Aruba.

So what’s there to do? Tons!

  • Shopping: Take a bus (yes, it’s safe!) into downtown. For a little island, there is actually a lot you can buy. Jewelry is less expensive, there are clothing stores and a row of stands and kiosks that sell souvenirs and keepsakes.
  • Senor Frogs: You want nightlife, well where else can you drink a yard, and be part of a conga line where you get shots of free tequila poured down your throat? Tons of fun!
  • ATV: if nothing else, go ATVing through the island. It’s a quick and fun way to explore all that this island has to offer. You go through the beaches, the mountains and if you’re tour guide lets you, ask him to take you to the Springs! It’s unbelievable after a long day in the sun!
  • Hotel: I’ve heard great reviews about a lot of hotels. From experience, I’m recommend the Hyatt. It’s beautiful, has a onsite casino, is right on the strip and backs on to a wonderful beach. Did I mention there’s a waterslide? You really can’t expect much more from any hotel!
  • Restaurants: Half the fun of not staying at an all inclusive, is you’re forced to leave your resort. The Hyatt has a number of restaurants on premise, but don’t limit yourself. Go to Texas de Brazil or El Gaucho…trust me, you will not regret it!
  • Water: Besides miles of white sandy beaches, rent a seadoo or get a bunch of friends and do the banana boat! It’s a great way to keep active, and still tan!

I’ve been to a number of islands, but have to say that Aruba is one of my favourites. If you ever feel the need to take a week for some fun in the sun, I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful island.

Happy travels!

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