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Palma de Majorca: Palma Perfection

When I think of Palma de Majorca (Palma de Mallorca) it absolutely takes my breath away.  There is this peacefulness about it that I just can’t explain. Everyone seems to walk a little slower, the sun seems a little brighter and the café con leche tastes a little better. Palma is one of those places that you should call home at some point in your life.

I arrived early in the morning when the island was still shut down.  Some local fruit vendors were setting up for the day and the street sweepers were driving up and down the tiny streets.  I really had the pleasure to just take my time and enjoy Palma before the day started. I found a quiet street off the beaten path and sat down for a morning coffee as I mapped out everything I wanted to do during my one-day stay.

Palma is a tiny area and you can really see all that the city has to offer in just a few hours. It’s not known for its shopping, although there are some great stores if you are looking to do some damage on your credit card. But truthfully, if you plan on visiting Majorca, go for the atmosphere, don’t waste anytime looking for a great restaurant or a nice patio because they are everywhere. Rather than taking a vehicle, I urge you to walk the streets of Palma. It’s very safe and extremely clean; something you may miss if you’re stuck inside a car.

Here are a few things to see:

  •  The Cathedral de Palma – sticks out like a sore thumb in Palma. It really is the first thing you see as you near the city.  I’m personally not a history buff, but I even have to admit I was pretty taken by it.  The only drawback was a number of officials in their horses riding around the structure – it did smell a little bit.
  • Paseo Maritmo – This marina is a beautiful and romantic area where you can unwind. You can choose to walk up and down the street or sit down and enjoy the patio. Here, you will see boats and yachts pull up. I would imagine by how busy the area was that this is the hotspot for locals and tourists.
  • S’hort del Rei – By far this was the best place that I stumbled across. A botanical park with a fountain…doesn’t that sound boring? Well, I wasn’t planning for this to be a “place to see” rather somewhere for me to pass through to get to my next destination.  As I walked through the park, the tall trees would provide some shaded areas and I could hear the faint sound of water running from the fountain.  The highlight was the saxophone player playing the Beatles hit, Yesterday.  Lovely.
  • Plaza Mayor de Palma de Mallorca – The large town square local street vendors set up for the day, street performers outdo one another and of course a place to rest after a long day on your feet.

If you are planning a trip to Spain, be sure to add Palma to your itinerary. You don’t need to be there for long, but you should be there!

Until we meet again….

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