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Maui: The Real Paradise Island

What can I say about paradise? Where to even begin? Hawaii, specifically Maui is probably the closest I will come to heaven….and I mean that literally.  I spent 2 short days in Maui, and I am certain I will be back at some point in my life just to see this beautiful island paradise again.

So where to begin? That’s a good question. There isn’t one place better than another in Maui.  When I thought one thing wouldn’t top the next, I was wrong.  There isn’t enough time to see all that this tiny island has to offer. You just have to go, explore and be open to anything and everything you come across.

So here goes:

 Haleakala Sunrise: You may think I’m insane waking up at 3AM and partially taking a bus and hiking up a 10,000+ foot mountain. Maybe. But there is no experience that has even come close to getting to the top of this mountain, to only see clouds above me and below me. At first, it’s cold, dark, even a little eery. But when that sun starts to rise, and the park ranger starts his ritual sunrise chant as the sun peaks out of the horizon, I will promise you that you will not feel more connected to this planet than in that moment. When I say it takes your breath away, I think that’s the biggest understatement of them all. (beware: it’s cold when you make the climb, but it is well worth it!)

Wailea Beach: You really didn’t think I wasn’t going to plop on the beach for a day, did you? Wailea is considered one of the best beaches in the world, so of course I had to go see that for myself.  This beach is between two of the swankiest hotels in town – the Four Seasons (where a salad is $41) and the Grand Wailea.  If you’re hungry and didn’t happen to bring wods of cash with you to the beach (because that’s normal!), I suggest taking a scenic walk to the shops at Wailea. Meal prices are a little bit more reasonable, and the view although not quite as enjoyable is still a nice one.  As for the beach itself, I can safely say it’s probably one of the top beaches I’ve been to, and I’ve seen my fair share of beaches. Sigh. 

Road to Hana: A scenic highway that twists through the spectacular rainforest, cascading waterfalls, and the coastline. As you drive there are some sharp turns, so if you aren’t comfortable driving, pay for a professional to get you there. Again, if you are a nature lover, this drive will be worth it. The drive doesn’t put you at ease, but the view sure does.

Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu): Just one of the many reasons why I need to return to Maui. This beach is apparently very memorable just based on the red sand itself. This exotic beach has vibrant colors because of the eroded volcanic cinders and contrast with the crystal blue waters.  The only drawback? It’s a 10-minute hike down to the beach. But to see such a unique site, I would hardly call it a drawback.

Sea Turtles: I’ve seen some pretty interesting creatures, I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo! But, I have never seen see turtles quite so large or unafraid of humans. If they spot you in the water, don’t be alarmed because they will come close to say hello. They’re odd creatures, but kind of cute!

So there you have it. Just a few reasons to go to Maui. Personally, Maui was one of the nicest islands I’ve been to, and I definitely plan on going back. If you can afford the time, stay here for at least a week, it will be well worth it!

Safe travels!

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